Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sites to Stalk

I'm going to be starting a new section of this blog dealing with sites I highly recommend. Since I am a reviewer, I get to see so many sites that keep the reader in mind. Places you can find everything your little heart desires. So first up, let me introduce you to The Romance Reviews.

The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews is one of the most fun places to be online, and they've just had their grand opening not too long ago. You get to check out all the yummy goodness on their pages like covers, every sub-genre of romance you can think of , spectacular reviews (honestly these people can write a review like nobody's business!), contests, chats and from time to time, voting. It's just an all around fun place to be. So check it out. Don't forget to stalk them on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and just so you know they even have a lounge people!

So just click on the little banner up there and go get lost in the newest books out there. If you're interested, they even accept reviewers. Have fun!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Fever Giveaway and Blog Hop

Lord help me, I'm having a hard time getting past this GORGEOUS pic, courtesy of!

***Thanks BadaBing and DemonLover's books & more for sponsoring this blog hop.***

Okay, things you need to know ... the Blog Hop will begin on Monday, April 25th at 12:01am EST and end on April 30th at Midnight. So to answer the question you're dying to ask, the prize will be a $10 Amazon Gift Card. You MUST be a GFC follower of my blog. In the comments section, please leave me your follower name as well as an email so that I may contact you should you be the lucky winner.

Are you now ready to go enjoy all the yummy hotness? Here is the list to the sites participating ...

Ok, ready ..... set ...... GO!

Good Luck everyone!

Friday, April 22, 2011

True Vision by Joyce Lamb

Newspaper reporter Charlie Trudeau is living an ordinary life, until witnessing a fatal hit-and-run accident gives her an intense psychic power she has no clue how to handle—and brings a Chicago police detective to her doorstep...

Noah Lassiter wants nothing more than to find the driver who killed his good friend. But his only lead is the beautiful Charlie Trudeau, who gets prickly when he starts nosing around town. Charlie’s clearly hiding something, but Noah needs her help unraveling the mystery of his friend’s death—even if the electricity between them complicates things.

But the more Noah and Charlie uncover, the more they realize they’re looking for a desperate killer—and the more danger they’re in. And if Charlie can’t gain control over her psychic powers, they may not survive long enough to explore the full sizzling potential of their desire…

You know when you love a book so much, you just can't find the right words to do it justice? Well, that's exactly how I feel right now. It doesn't matter what I say about it, you just have to read it to enjoy it as much as I did.

The first book in the True trilogy starts out with some high powered action. Charlie was a character I fell in love with. She's smart, adventurous and not one to just stand aside when she sees something going wrong around her. Noah is that oh so sexy cop (although out of his jurisdiction) that is bound and determined to find the killer of his friend. All roads lead to Charlie when he finds out details of the hit and run but what neither is ready for is the instant chemistry. And my my my do these two spark when they are together.

True Vision is an extremely fast paced book that keeps you on the edge of your seat with an intense and gripping plot line. There is always something going on and when you throw in the paranormal element, this book just keeps getting hotter. The paranormal element Charlie acquires really makes you think about how she's going to get around it. I don't want to give away what it is because that was a really fun part to find out. As for secondary characters, some made me laugh and some made me want to hit the wall but all were essential to True Vision. The action scenes will blow your mind, and watch out for the more intimate scenes, there is an apparent upside to what's going on with Charlie you will enjoy. And I promise, you will LOVE it.

The second book in the series is True Colors and is Alex's story (available now) and finally the third book in the series is True Shot which is Sam's story and is coming in December. You bet I'd be willing to stand in line a really long time for this final story.

Joyce Lamb is one of those authors who is just blessed with the talent of writing an intriguing romantic suspense book. I don't think she could write a book I didn't like if she tried. I was first introduced to her through Cold Midnight and fell in love with her writing style. In my opinion, Ms. Lamb has raised the bar when it comes to True Vision. This is one exceptional read you don't want to miss, I highly recommend it. I am now addicted to anything Joyce Lamb!

Buy True Vision here

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride by Sarah J. McNeal

I often sit here and think how I would handle living in a different time period. When Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride fell into my hands, I instantly fell in love with the book. I was able to take a trip through time which I will remember for a long time to come. As with any time travel book, I usually always ask myself if something from the past could hinder something in future. I feel as though I need to pay close attention and try to keep up with what is about to happen. This book was the polar opposite for me. I was so engrossed in the book, I didn't have think about what may happen, I simply sat back and let this book sweep me away.

Lola is a feisty woman who is hell bent on proving to herself and others that she will not end up like her mother. As an independent woman living in the 21st century, Lola has goals to become a lawyer so people will look up to her and is finally on her way to making her dreams come true. Joe lives in the 20th century, faces turmoil of his own and feels as though he needs to live a solitary life. Now imagine how you would react to being transported from the 21st to the 20th century without an inkling of how it happened. On top of that, you find yourself in the middle of your own marriage to a man you don't even know. This is exactly what happened to Lola. From the moment Lola and Joe lay eyes on one another the sparks fly in more ways than one. Each is drawn to the other but at the same time are exasperated with one another. Their relationship throughout the book is enchanting, humorous, spicy and genuine. These two really touched my heart.

Solid secondary characters like Banjo (a young man who has been on his own since he was about ten) and Argos (Joe's faithful canine) really brought a strong familial feel to the book. Each played an important part as a protector who would lay down their lives for those they held close.

Ms. McNeal is a new author to me and I found Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride to be a deeply sensual yet very touching read. I instantly fell in love with the writing style and I just have to say Ms. McNeal has a gift of writing with great humor, witty dialogue and superb imagery.

This book has become a new favorite of mine and I know you will fall in love with it as well. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves time travel, suspense, romance and steamy love scenes. You don't want to miss this book.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Deliberation Plantation by Destiny Blaine

Buy Deliberation Plantation here

Marcy Mahoney is opening the hottest BDSM club in the South. She places a want-ad for cowboys and soon her farm is swarming with bachelors, men certain to ease their way into a woman’s wet dream.

After the cowboys arrive, Marcy cuts some of them loose. Those remaining know what’s expected and their new careers allow them the opportunity to go deep undercover.

Four men are hiding in plain sight until trouble follows them from the city. To make matters worse, they’ve fallen for the employer they first intended to use.

Unbeknown to Marcy, the cowboys didn’t come to Deliberation Plantation for the benefits and personal perks. And while Marcy is unaware of any existing threat, she’s falling hopelessly in love— with men who have sworn to protect her from a dangerous present, a past they can’t escape and a future with the ability to destroy them all.

Oh my, it is definitely hot in here. Whew hold on (turning the A/C on). Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Destiny Blaine's writing. Just about every book I've reviewed for her has absolutely floored me because it is better than the one before it. Deliberation Plantation is no different. In this book, Ms. Blaine has kicked the erotica up not just one notch but two! This is definitely one steaming hot book with a strong reliance on sex BUT the part that gets me every time is that the heroine is never the person you think would be good in a relationship. She's always the one who has made it through life just coping and making the best of her situations. The hero's? They just keep getting hotter. They are men with a past. Hard bodied and hardened by society, these men, in one way or another, make a connection to the heroine. I don't mean just a casual connection, I mean the sweep you off your feet and steal your heart kind of romance we all want.

Let's get to the characters shall we? Our heroine, Marcy, is one tough cookie used to calling the shots. Blindsided by the fact that these men are not men to be told what to do but rather expect the opposite, Marcy is forced to face her fears of becoming a sub. She's a strong character both intellectually and emotionally. She faces the moment of do or die. Which will she choose? Cort (who is my personal favorite), Landon, Mason and Kemper all have different qualities and when combined, present everything Marcy could ever want. Not that one man alone isn't enough, but every girl needs four men adoring her 24/7 right?

The suspense throughout the story kept me on my toes and I simply fell in love with it and couldn't put this book down. Without giving anything away, I'll just say that the action is dangerous and dramatic. The plot is realistic and you feel as though you are one of the characters in the book.

Destiny Blaine writes what most of us fantasize about and weaves it with thrilling suspense like no other. As an added bonus, I'll tell you that this book is a part of a series. The first book, Domination Plantation is just as hot as Deliberation Plantation. This is one series that will leave you breathless.