Monday, June 23, 2014

In the Spirit of Love by Debbie A. McClure

A ghost story is just a story-until it happens to you.

While on vacation in England with her best friend, Claire Jacobs' life is changed forever. From the beginning, Kent Estate evokes a sense of coming home. When she takes a guided tour of the reputedly haunted manor, it reveals a story of love and murder that resonates deep within her heart. Of course, sensible Claire doesn't believe in spirits, but the all too handsome resident ghost has other plans. Despite her better judgment, Claire finds herself deeply attracted to the spectre, but there can be no future in loving a ghost–can there?

Things are not always what they appear to be.

Wrongly accused of a murder he didn't commit, Lord Richard Abbotsford is bound to Kent Estate. It's been a long one hundred and fifty years. Then he sees her. His beloved Lady Olivia Kent has returned to him. Having become increasingly disillusioned and bitter, the return of Olivia gives him new hope for release from his eternal prison. But Olivia is different; she doesn't recognize him at all. He knows she has returned to Kent Estate for a reason, and he is determined to remind her of their shared past. To do so, he must first change her mind about ghosts–and himself.

First let me just say, I don't know how I got my hands on this book.  I got no email to say "please review this".  There was no email to say "hey, awesome, you won this book!".  Nevertheless, I am grateful that this book came to me for whatever reason it did.  After reading the blurb, I thought it sounded like an interesting read.  When I started to bond with the characters and plot line, which didn't take long at all, it was a WOW moment.  I could not put this book down and for so many reasons.  

I have English lineage myself and I absolutely love hearing anyone speak in an English accent.  In the Spirit of Love was written in such a way that when Richard spoke, I felt as though I was in England visiting the Kent estate myself along with Claire and her friend Holly.  The description of the Kent estate was impeccable.  It felt like a very welcoming place to be.  The contact Claire had with Richard in the beginning was comical and heartwarming at the same time.  

In the Sprit of Love is a full bodied novel that held emotional, warm, stressful and humorous moments that helped the story flow seamlessly.  It is not very easy to give physical attributes to a ghost such as being able to touch, communicate, etc. but Ms. McClure weaves a magical tale that combines the past and present in such a way that it is one hundred percent believable.  I am trying to write in in broad terms as to not give away very many clues because this simply is a story that you must read for yourself.  This book  was a highly suspenseful read that was well written, highly entertaining and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Yes, this book does end kind of abruptly but in a cliffhanger type of way.  A lot is revealed in the last couple of chapters that let you know there is going to be a sequel. And I'm so looking forward to the sequel. Debbie A. McClure is a new author to me and if her first novel is this good, I can't wait to see her work to come.  In the Spirit of Love is a must read!

Look for In the Spirit of Forgiveness available now.  You can buy In the Spirit of Forgiveness here

Monday, June 16, 2014

Reckless Bounty by Lauren N. Sharman

(Available July 1, 2014)

For thirteen years, bounty hunter Kage Garmin has made it a point to avoid female fugitives.  He wasn't going after this one, either; but couldn't resist taking a look at the girl worth a million dollars. 
She smiled at him, and he fell in love.

Kage knew from then on, she would be his.  
He also knew who was after her and why.  In order to save her, he has to convince her to go the one place she’s trying to avoid.
Hiding in plain sight served Journey well…until a handsome bounty hunter shows up with a ‘feeling’ she’s in danger.  As someone who doesn’t trust easily, she’s surprised to find herself believing in him.

Finally convinced she deserves freedom and happiness, she’s anxious to confront those who stole it from her.
In a dangerous race across the country, Kage is determined to protect Journey as he fights to stay one step ahead of the enemy.

Being a book reviewer, you occasionally find a gem of a book that blows your mind and takes your breath away. When you find a book you absolutely connect with, think about long after it's over and wonder what is going to happen next, you want to tell anyone reading your review just why you liked it so much. At the same time, you don't want to tip the reader off to any bombshells or plot twists the author may have in store. That being said, there is so much I want to you about Reckless Bounty but simply can't.

I fell in love with Kage's character immediately. Yes, he's an edgy bounty hunter who doesn't exactly follow the law but at the same time, he's just a big softy. Knowing that he wasn't after the million dollar bounty that came along with the capture of a certain young lady, he just had to see what kind of woman was worth a million dollar bounty. From the moment he saw Journey, he knew she was different and she captured a piece of his heart each time he interacted with her. Here is this big rugged bad ass bounty hunter who has trouble opening his mouth when Journey asks him a question. This was the first trait of his I fell in love with.

Journey, love the name by the way, has no problem being independent. After all, she's been looking for herself for the last three years. When she sees Kage, she knows something is up, but she doesn't feel threatened by him but rather attracted to him. Journey is used to being hit on by men but doesn't realize just how beautiful she truly is. She's smart, spunky and fierce but has that soft side to her as well, a compassionate side. She's very concerned about those around her.

When Kage and Journey finally get past their initial questioning of each other, there is an undeniable chemistry. The air sizzles as they face the obstacles thrown in their way and they come to be dependent on each other, they have to be.

Lauren Sharman has long been a favorite author of mine. Ever since the McCassey series, I've been able to relate to each and every character she has ever written. Reckless Bounty is one of my favorite books by Ms. Sharman yet. There are so many omg moments that will have your jaw dropping. It's intense, funny and oh so sexy. With a phenomenal writing style and many, many plot twists, Reckless Bounty is not a book you want to pass up. Kage's story, Reckless Bounty is a MUST read. You won't be able to put it down, it's an exciting and compelling read. Let's just say that I'm looking so forward to the next book in the series. It's based on yet another utterly yummy hero.

Look for Reckless Bounty to be released on July 1, 2014 and Bad Intentions to be released on November 1, 2014.