Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nerves of Steel by CJ Lyons

Dr. Cassandra Hart is fighting a war. And losing.

A deadly drug epidemic, a killer stalking her hospital ... meet the ER doctor who never gives up. Cassie's Pittsburgh ER has been deluged by patients who have overdosed on a new drug, FX. After Cassie discovers the source of the FX in her own hospital, her best friend is killed and Cassie's life is threatened. She is forced to place her trust in Detective Mickey Drake.

A cross between ER and NYPD Blue, Nerves of Steel is, hands down, one of the best Medical romances I have read to date. Cassandra Hart's character deals with more than just typical drug overdoses, she's dealing with an unstable ex and his vindictive family as well. Throw in drug dealers and her life gets a little bit messy. Enter Detective Mickey Drake. The chemistry between Cassie and Drake is electrifying and not just at certain moments, the emotional pull continues throughout the book. The boundaries Drake and Cassie try not to cross keeps the sensual tension alive and oh how I loved the tension. Just small things made my heart melt, like when he was watching her from afar and was admiring Cassie's dedication to her job. I formed a bond with Cassie because she wasn't your typical girlie girl. She had to work for what she wanted and her dedication to her patients was what came first. The fact that the woman could kick butt and take names was what clinched it for me. She's everything I want in my heroine.

Drake's character wasn't without his own faults, yet his vulnerabilities are what made his character so believable. It takes a special kind of woman who is willing to look beyond the way he used to behave and love the man he is now. Drake was a dangerously attractive detective who was one of the best at his job, even though he had been skating on thin ice with his department. Sexy, funny, loyal and willing to do anything to prove the lady in his life is innocent, what more could a girl ask for than Mickey Drake?

CJ Lyons is one of the best when it comes to writing a medical thriller. Suspense, superb writing, and a plot that will blow your mind are all rolled up into this one book. Nerves of Steel has a gripping story line that is multi-layered. Overdoses of a new drug, domestic violence and dealing with unscrupulous characters all come together to take the reader on a fast paced and action packed ride. Get ready for twists and turns throughout the book because this is one book you do not want to miss. It's simply one of those books that you pick up and can't put down until the very last page. I highly recommend Nerves of Steel.

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