Monday, March 21, 2011

Ring of Lies by Victoria Howard

When accountant Daniel Elliott dies in a car accident, his widow, Grace, is overcome with grief...and panic. Daniel was controlling and their marriage loveless, but he always took care of her. Or so she thought. Grace soon discovers Daniel kept secrets: an alias, mob ties, a list of numbers, a mysterious beach house in Florida...and a girlfriend who looks like Grace. Swallowing her fear, she flies to Miami to claim the house Daniel left her. But the price of her curiosity is peril. Underworld figures stalk her. And handsome, troubled FBI agent Jack West has crossed precarious paths with Grace before. With little to go on and danger at every turn, Grace must depend on Jack to help her navigate the criminal world of south Florida, and find the truth behind the Ring of Lies.

Ring of Lies was such a fun book to read while taking a little time for "me". Grace was an intriguing character and is faced with an incomprehensible loss. She's facing not only the loss of her husband but everything she's ever known to be true. Her entire marriage was a deception. She suffered at the hands of her husband both mentally as well as emotionally. As the book progresses, Grace begins to find out who she really is. This was one element of Grace's character that impressed me because she was not the type of woman to just lie back and let life steal her soul and will to live.

I fell in love with Jack's character immediately. His loyalty to his baby melted my heart and the scenes where he took care of her really bonded me with his character. I love to see the softer side of my hero. His character was flawed which made him all the more relatable to me. The sexual tension between Grace and Jack is palpable. Sparks flew from the moment they met. I enjoyed that this book didn't rely heavily on the romance but rather on the suspense of the book. What draws the reader in is the constant push and pull between Jack and Grace. They want a relationship but, for one or the other, circumstances don't allow it.

What keeps the reader hooked is the suspense, which this book did not lack in the least. Ring of Lies was a fast paced, action packed book that started out with intriguing scenes and continued throughout the book. With plenty of villains to choose from, you won't guess until the last part of the book who is really behind everything. I won't give anything away but I will say that things aren't always as they seem.

Ms. Howard has done an amazing job of writing in a way that the reader can relate to. She has a knack for knowing what the reader craves and then delivering in such a satisfying way that the reader can't possibly put the book down. Bottom line, you GOTTA read this book, it's not one to be missed.

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