Friday, January 11, 2013

Burned Into Time by Mary M. Ricksen

A horrific car accident, a Celtic ring and destiny, send a young woman on a journey to the past. In a desperate search for her lost sister, she follows the instructions left her in a bank vault from a hundred years ago.

Little did she know the ring would save her life and change it in ways she could never imagine. Does she have the strength to live through her nightmare and find her destiny?

Can she face her sister now that things have changed so drastically? Only time will tell…

Lacy finds herself in a fiery car crash that leads to a pivotal moment in her life.  How can one moment change her entire being?  From the way she looks at life to the way she responds to people, nothing in her life will ever be the same.  Life as she knew it is over.  Will she be able to deal with her new life?

As the book progresses, Lacy finds that there are many inner obstacles that she must confront and overcome.  Her trust in men being one of them. Lacy's trust is pushed to the limit. The reason of her fear in men is later revealed which helps the reader bond with Lacy's character and the need to root her on especially through dire situations

Sean finds a woman who is badly burned, and in the snow of all places.  How can this be?  With questions coming from every direction, he takes it upon himself to take in this beautiful young woman and nurse her back to good health.  Little does he realize how important this mystery woman will become to him.

A favorite character of mine was a secondary character who didn't even have any speaking lines.  That character's name was King, the dog.  I found it touching how loyal and lovable he was to Lacy and Sean.  This degree of loyalty added another layer to the story which I thought was essential.

From the first action packed pages, I found myself gripped in the throes of the very engaging plot line.  I couldn't help but notice how well researched the customs and time period were.  I even found myself learning about customs and some odd little facts that I was not aware of up until I read Burned Into Time.  I know it may seem trivial to some but one of the little nuggets of knowledge I came away with was "the third eye" (google it).  If you would like a condensed version of the meaning and how it relates to this story, I suggest you pick up a copy of this book. 

For as long as I can remember, I've always been a series (and epilogue) girl.  I find it exciting that I can follow characters over a certain amount of time.  Little did I know that Burned Into Time was the second book in the Time Can Heal Your Heart series.  Book One is Keealyn's story and is called Tripping Through Time.  You can bet that I will be reading that one in the very near future.  You certainly don't need to read Tripping Through Time to understand what is going on in the second book, in fact I didn't even know that Burned Into Time was a series book until I got a few chapters in.

Ms. Ricksen writes with the knowledge of a well seasoned writer.  Just when you think you have the story figured out, another twist in the road is presented.  With deeply evolved characters and a plot line you won't soon forget, Burned Into Time will grip you by the heartstrings and not let you go until the final sentence of the book. I'm anxiously awaiting the next book in the series.  Pick up your copy of Burned Into Time, you'll want to get the entire series.  Yes, it's THAT good!  This is one book you want to add to your MUST READ book list.

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