Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Marilyn's Red Diary by E. Z. Friedel

Based on shocking new information, a fictional account of what might have happened to the iconic and troubled star is revealed in MARILYN'S RED DIARY. Incorporating the people who tried to protect her, and those that may have killed her, this shocking and scandalous story is told by Marilyn herself as she recounts the events of the day-and the steamy, sexual encounters of the night-confiding in her diary all the details of her dirty little secrets about the famous and powerful. At the time of her death, the diary, if discovered, with its explicit insider knowledge of covert activities, would have brought down the U.S. government, the Kennedys, and the CIA. MARILYN'S RED DIARY is at times funny, scandalous and sad, but always brutally honest. Marilyn Monroe is caught between intellectual giants-her awkward, award-winning playwright husband, Arthur, and her dashing politician boyfriend, Jack. Then along comes Jack's fiery brother, Bobby. The world's dream girl relates her intimate adventures in this touching portrait of a hard-working, extremely bright woman, trapped in her own sensuality and, tragically born far ahead of her time.

I MUST state ahead of time that this story is NOT based on real events. In fact, right in the front of the book you will find this statement: "This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or historical events is purely coincidental." I felt it was pertinent to address that issue because a lot of readers, including me, assumed this was a true depiction of an icon who made a huge impacted American history. By the way, isn't that cover amazing? I'm really loving it right now.

Looking at Marilyn's Red Diary in a fictional light, I found that it was entertaining and very sensual. I was not around during Marilyn's time, so although this was a work of fiction, I was able to cross reference a good portion of the book and learn the real story (as historically correct as google gets anyway) behind the characters and events surrounding Marilyn's life and death. If you are looking for an entertaining, racy and compelling novel, you should purchase Marilyn's Red Diary. It will definitely have you talking about the book to those in your inner circle. If you are anything like me, it will open your eyes to what her life very well might have been like.

Keep your eye on the "click here" link below as several times there will be free ebook offers for this book on Amazon. If you happen to get a free copy, please let the author know how you felt about Marilyn's Red Diary by providing a review.


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