Monday, August 19, 2013

Moragh, Holly's Ghost by Maggie Tideswell

A marriage of convenience, helpful fey friends, hidden agendas, a custody battle that cannot be won and a haunting - could love blossom?

Set in the beautiful wine lands of the southern Cape in South Africa, strange things start happening from the moment Holly accepted Joshua's offer of marriage.

Moragh, Holly's Ghost is a book unlike I have ever read. Built on multiple layers, this was one book that was hard to predict the ending. I didn't know until I was finally upon it, how the different layers tied together. This story is told from multiple character's perspectives which makes it a thrilling and suspenseful mystery with all of the elements that make a book a success; love, sex, mystery, intrigue, paranormal hauntings and murder. Moragh, Holly's Ghost was a hard to put down book that was simply addicting. A must have for any reader of suspense or the paranormal.

I love books by Maggie Tideswell because they are based in South Africa, the country in which I was born. I can relate to the breathtaking scenery and while reading the book, there are certain phrases that are familiar to me. Ms. Tideswell is a newly favorite author of mine and I feel as though I walk away a better person for having read the work of such a talented author.

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