Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BonAppetit! Fonseca's Fury by Anne Green

A fiery romance novel deserves a flaming cocktail to accompany it and USA Today bestselling author Abby Green’s new tale, FONSECA’S FURY, is no exception. The book has the perfect ingredients for a steamy love story—a Brazilian stud who happens to be a billionaire, a sweet and charitable heroine and a passionate anger that ignites them both. This cocktail is FONSECA’S FURY in liquid form.

The Flaming Fonseca

1 oz. Dark Rum
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
2 oz. Apple Juice
½ oz. Bacardi 151
Gold Cocktail Rim Sugar

Run a lime along the rim of a highball glass and dip into gold cocktail rim sugar to coat. Pour dark rum, pineapple juice and apple juice into the glass and float Bacardi 151 on top and carefully light the top layer using a long match.

Here is a little more about each book.

Fonseca's Fury by Anne Green

It's hot in the jungle ....

The last time Luca Fonseca saw Serena DePiero, he ended up in a jail cell.  The Brazilian billionaire has since clawed back his reputation, but he's never forgotten her.  So when Luca discovers Serena's working for his charity, his anger reignites!

Serena has changed.  Finally in control of her life, she refuses to let Luca intimidate her.  She'll deal with whatever her new boss throws at her - from a rain-forest trek to the social jungle of Rio!  But she can't handle the passion that flares hottern than Luca's Fury.

Especially when it threatens to consume them both!

You can by Fonseca's Fury here

Never Trust A Cowboy

When a Cowboy Comes Calling ...

The last thing harried Lila Flynn needed was another cowboy to deal with.  But new hire Del Fox was different than most sweet-talking wranglers.  The hard worker had a gentle touch and eyes that spoke of a past he didn't share.  Lila soon found her hardened heart softening, frightening her more than any other hurdles she was facing.

Del's assignment in Short Straw, South Dakota, was meant to be fast and simple.  Falling for Lila Flynn, however, had complicated everything.  If he did his job right it would mean destroying everything Lila had worked for.  He'd given her every reason never to trust him again.  But when all was said and done, would she trust their love enough to give them a second chance?

You can buy Never Trust a Cowboy here.

Snowed In With Her Ex

Trapped in a cabin with the man who makes her want what she shouldn't have .....

Wedding photographer Briana Harper never expected to run into her ex at an engagement shoot!  And when a blizzard strands them...alone...in a remote mountain cabin, she knows she's in trouble. She's never forgotten Ian Lawson, but none of reasons they broke up have changed.  He's still a workaholic. And now he's an engaged workaholic!

But Ian is also still a man who knows what he wants. And what he wants is Briana. Untangling the lies of his current engagement leaves him free to ... indulge. Yet proving he's changed may be this music moguls toughest negotiation yet...

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