Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Barbary Point by Alan Nayes

Kelly finds more than she bargained for when she makes a trip to Oshkosh to sell her deceased father's property. When she sets out to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, she plans to only stay the weekend. That one weekend turns into a week that changes her life forever. Her life is thrown off kilter when she meets Mitch, a fishing guide and her father's best friend. Mitch sheds light on the way Kelly's father felt about her, and from that moment on, Kelly sees the world in a different light. Mitch, much like her father, feels a strong connection to the ocean. At Kelly's request Mitch sets out to educate her a little bit on life in Barbary Point and just why her father loved it so much.

Having come from a similar situation with my own father, this touching novella really hit home with me. I felt I could relate to it in a way that I can't relate to most books I read. Kelly has felt one way about her father all her life and if afforded the opportunity to experience a new outlook on who her father really was. Solid characters and an intricately wound love story will leave you wishing this book had been longer. Mr. Nayes writes with intellectual flair that leaves you wanting to read more.

Barbary Point was a breath of fresh air. In this fast paced life I live in, I love to read to escape and Barbary Point was worth every minute I spent reading. I felt as though I could slow down and enjoy the story. I know nothing of fishing but left this story with a little bit of knowledge and a great appreciation for the life of a fisherman. I would have to say that this book evokes similar emotions to any of the Nicholas Sparks Books.

To Mr. Nayes I would like to say, this book was a job well done. It's evident that you researched the location of the book very well. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Kelly's story and I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

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  1. I love reading Alan Nayes' "Barbary Point" because I love the ocean's view, the waves, the sunset on the ocean, the sailing boats, the sand, the wind, the seagulls, the blue color of the sky and the sea water, the mystery of the ocean's floor, the variety of colorful fish and sea creatures, the rains and the storms, the lightnings and the thunders above the sea,..... My imagination can go on and on with the ocean. So, I love reading Alan Nayes' "Barbary Point".


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