Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cowboys for Christmas by Destiny Blaine

Julie Kensworth opens her door to more than a blizzard and greets two wayward cowboys. She realizes right away she’s headed straight for the eye of the storm.
Brandon Blake and Quinn Stewart are a long way from home. They’re looking for a warm place to hang their hats while they try to wait out the snow and ice, which continues to gain momentum.

Julie is an author and she’s not just the average writer, she’s one of the most notorious writers in the world. When Quinn and Blake figure out Julie is an erotic romance author, well, needless to say, their minds churn with all sorts of ideas, most of them geared toward how they can heat up the cold winter nights ahead.

Oh my my, where to start on this review? How about the cover? Steamy huh? Ok, now on to the book. When a strong blizzard bounds Julie to her home, what more can a girl ask for than two cowboys who are what the definition of hotness is all about? This was one seriously hot book. The banter between Quinn and Blake (total opposites in the women department) had me laughing out loud. Julie's character knew how to hold her own with these two cowboys, even if they did give her goosebumps. Heck, even I got goosebumps. This book did make me tear up and you'll know the part I'm talking about when you read it. I can't give it away, but it was a scene that was very well written and evokes a strong emotion in the reader. The neighbor had me giggling with his grumpy attitude and the way Julie responded was seriously comical. There were so many things that drew me into this book. Yes, of course the yummy men, but also the humor of it all as well as the loyalty Brandon and Quinn showed toward Julie.

Ms. Blaine is one of my favorite authors and books like Cowboys for Christmas proves why. This is one author who can craft a well rounded book packed full with action and romance and leave you amazed at how she did so in such a short amount of pages . Ms. Blaine has a way of writing complex characters that you just can't help but fall in love with. As for writing steamy love scenes, I don't know of an author who can write it any better than Ms. Blaine. I strongly urge you to read this book. It's a shorter book at only 85 pages that will curb you desire to read a very sensual and entertaining book.

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